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November 25, 2010

Bime gives you real web analytics accuracy

If you are a marketer or web analyst, how can you be sure that visitors are actually engaging with your site?

Google Analytics can give you a high level overview - it can tell you the average time spent on your site for a period of time, how many page views you had and even the percentage that translates to during your specified period of time.

But what if you could go even further and actually identify that over the past 3 months, only 20% of your visitors are actually staying for longer than 3 seconds on a page?

Let's use a very basic hypothetical example. Say you had 100 visitors to your site on Monday. Google Analytics can instantly tell you that you had 100 visitors, and the average visitor spent 2 minutes browsing and visited 5 pages. It will even tell you that over the period of one week, you received 30% of your page views on Monday alone.

Good information to have, but not exactly ideal if you need more detailed information to make constructive changes to your marketing plan.

How do you know if 15 of your 100 Monday visitors spent 10 minutes each on your site, and the remaining 80 only spent 5 seconds each, bringing the average down? An even worse scenario... imagine that Google Analytics informs you that your average visitor visits 5 pages on each visit, but the harsh reality is that 80% of your visitors visit the home page and promptly leave because they can't figure out what you are selling. Turns out the average has been skewed by a bunch of your technical colleagues who have spent the week checking links and loading times on every single page on your website.

But here you are, thinking that your website is well-optimized for the product you are selling, and you therefore miss a huge opportunity and make no changes to your home page.

This is where Bime saves you. What if you could drill down into your data, and see exactly what percentage of your visitors are actually engaging with your content?

There are a number if ways to do this, but we'll just keep it simple. It's relatively safe to say that visitors spending over 5 seconds on the site, are probably reasonably engaged with the content, or have at least read the first few lines of copy.

Using Bime, you can create dynamic segments with this value, then apply it to your data.

dynamic segment

By creating the dynamic segment above, you are essentially saying "segment all the visitors that spent more than 5 seconds on my website".  When you use this segment to look at your data, you get a nice simple column chart like this:


Nice, but does not really tell you all that much more.  Enter Bime's post-processing options. 

post processing percentage  

Choose the type of post-processing you want to do.  In this case we'd like to see a percentage.

 pp percentage

Then by choosing where to apply it, you can modify your visualization to look how you want it to.

This will give you something much more useful, like so:


You can even switch between clustered and stacked visualizations - whatever you prefer to look at and find easier to read :


You can see that the total number of visits has been set to 100% for each month, as you want to focus on how many of your current visitors are spending more than 5 seconds on the site, not how many visitors you are actually receiving. Now we can instantly see that for example February was your best month and September your worst.  We can confirm that the amount of time spent on your site is getting progressively worse by adding a trend line:

trend line

Nothing is stopping you from analyzing other elements too - page views, time spent on page, time spent on site are all good ones. Simply create more dynamic segments with your chosen values.

choose segment

This is an example of some of the amazing things you can do with Bime (check out the main website for others!), and how easy it is to do them. We are not saying that Google Analytics is not a good analytics platform - quite the opposite in fact - Bime simply enhances its abilities and makes your data even MORE useful!

Posted by We Are Cloud at November 25, 2010 9:45 AM


Bime certainly has some great features that bring the Google API to light. I like the real-time integration. At MashableMetrics, we have used Tableau to create drill-able, interactive and actionable dashboards and analyst tools combining Google Analytics with social media data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. We also offer automated data-pulls if you don't want to get into the API at all.

Posted by: Thomas Bosilevac at December 27, 2010 10:45 PM

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