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October 12, 2010

Hard to read dashboard? Not with Bime's color abilities

Today we are going to let you in on one of Bime's design features you might not have noticed, but will definitely appreciate : color consistency in charts. Let me explain in more detail.

We designed Bime to make it as easy to understand as possible. So to help you read your results quicker and more clearly, we've ensured that color is consistent across identical attributes and measures in same dashboard. For example, imagine you have an attribute named 'Australia', an attribute named 'Ireland' and an attribute named 'Czech Republic' which are blue, grey and green respectively in a pie chart you have created. Then you create a bar chart using the same data, in the same dashboard. To facilitate legibility, trend-spotting and general overall understanding, Bime automatically generates the same color scheme for the new chart. You can see what I mean below.

Even if you execute a different query but use the same attribute or measure, the colors will stay consistent, making it much easier for you to relate a single attribute to a single color.

Posted by We Are Cloud at October 12, 2010 3:15 AM


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