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December 16, 2008


Heard this 'new' term - lovely. Marketing plays many roles, but one, traditionally, is the goal to identify a list of targets, of opportunities, of leads... What about location? Targeting a location means you have found your psycho-demographic characteristic... and now you know where they are.

Geo-Marketing makes you more competitive.

IF there is a physical cluster - a group of neighborhoods, part of a city, perhaps even a region - where your product is or should be doing well, use this information to amplify your marketing campaign. Performance can be measured - testing areas for responses to various media.

With location intelligence you can take the location of existing customers and build a psycho-demographic profile... then FIND all the areas that fit. Next, you can select the zipcodes with concentrations of your profile presence - and you can then mass mail or target mail a list of people inside a small area (create a buzz).

Whether it be traditional media or something '2.0' - utilizing the signal that is location (starts with address...) means you know more and can manage better your target list...

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Posted by John D. Corbett at 2:45 PM | Comments (0)