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August 28, 2007

Location - more than mapping

Interactive mapping, "BI" style, includes the 'Google Earth" style mouse-over - but extends this concept to:

interactive queries

(e.g., show me sales of product line x, by store, last 30 days compared to same 30 days last year)

and 'filtering'

(e.g., Where are all the areas that have more than 1000 families with income > $75,000 and 1000 females under 5 years of age).

Mapping is a 'skin' to your data - from hitting spreadsheets to POS databases.

The curious thing is that the map or geography based visual has been around for 30 years (GIS science!) but is not yet in the hands of those who could make the most of it - business people looking at their performance and their opportunities.

The great value of location based intelligence is simply that most data have a location signal... Why not use it? There is actually little cost beyond some software - the data you already have are filled with 'location' intelligence.

Posted by John D. Corbett at August 28, 2007 10:30 AM


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