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May 16, 2008

Connection recovered - text analytics continues

After some technical difficulties, I am now back on line with this BLOG on the topic of Text Mining and Text Analytics. This week at TDWI in Chicago i enjoyed seeing the growing interest in BI empowered by Unstructured data integration and predictive analytics.

While my access to this blog was non functioning - there was a big event in this space. namely the acquisition of the Natural Linguistic Processing vendor - Teragram- by the leading Analytical and BI vendor - SAS Institute. check out the story

I extend an invitation to all interested in this rapidly growing space to join us at the conference in Boston this June 2008.

happy to be back on line. do drop me a note!

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October 17, 2007

Introduction and call for success stories!

To continue some discussions sparked from my July webcast entitled "Supercharging your business intelligence with text analytics" I decided to open this blog to encourage public feedback. I welcome your comments to the podcast shawn rogers produced from his interview with me at -

How are YOU Transforming text-based data into powerful customer insight ? Are you overwhelmed with the demands of mining exploding amounts of data from vast repositories?

I'd like to know!

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