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April 22, 2008

Closing the loop

Through the years many people have talked about "closing the loop" in business intelligence. There have been many definitions - whether it's about focusing on areas where business rules can capture the entire work flow and in a semi intelligent fashion drive actions without human involvement (or with just limited alerts to humans), tying real-time and historical data into an analytic workflow, or whether it's about letting consumers of reports be able to rapidly share insights and potentially take actions in operational systems (e.g. letting a user of a SAP report affect settings and procedures inside SAP).

What we're now getting closer to is to be able to pair up the speed and processing power of computers with human intelligence - letting computers analyze potentially thousands of rules per second and when new opportunities emerge or problems occur, let humans into the loop presented with pre-defined applications, pre-loaded with data and analytic workflows, that allows those humans to rapidly assess problems and opportunities - and either update rules or take actual actions in operational systems. We're making some great headway in this direction and will look forward to speaking more to you about that. There is a unique opportunity in the history of computing here, finally pairing up the very best of human intelligence and computer smarts, speed, and stamina!

Posted by Christopher Ahlberg at April 22, 2008 3:45 PM


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