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November 14, 2006

Why Business Intelligence 2.0 and why BI1.0 is the platform

I got some great feedback on my recent BI2.0 post. Thanks. From friends, colleauges, customers, and some good comments in the actual blog.

Not everybody was thrilled - "BI1.0 fan" wrote 'I think the last thing the world needs is something else slugged with "2.0" at the end of it.' Fair comment at some level - but you know what, I think the world of business intelligence is ready for something new [in an upcoming post I'll compare notes with some other definitions of what's to come]. Reporting and data warehousing is great, serves many purposes, and most importantly, has put in place the platform for us all to go to the next level. But we can do more than distribute reports.

Now, BI2.0 - people centric Business Intelligence - is only really possible once the infrastructure of warehouses, user modelling, and security is put in place. This also means that those who have built out that infrastructure - in many cases great IT departments out there - will be continue to be incredibly important going forward.

The great thing about BI2.0 is that it gives people the power to create and be creative while at the same time reduces the repetitive and time consuming constant changes to reports and OLAP cubes, that IT doesn't want to spend its scarce time and resources doing anyway. IT and the professionals they serve both win! IT information management resources can be more concentrated on ensuring information is correct, scalable, secure, and well-organized; and on enabling information workflows that are configured for specific people or business challenges; all of which are far more important than formatting reports and running them again when someone thinks of a question they didn't ask!

Think about it this way - other social/people oriented platforms - like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and SecondLife - which are all about user created content and experiences, *only* work because they run on great platforms that are carefully constructed and maintained.

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Posted by Christopher Ahlberg at November 14, 2006 8:45 PM


Hej Christopher

Här kommer en hälsning från Sverige.

In the late 90's I worked with Business Navigator's HAT product in Sweden and abroad. The product still survives in a number of residual sites in Sweden. For its time, it was brilliant, in fact it was BI 2.0 long before BI 1.0 was even invented.

I have just found Spotfire, and find it a very intriguing product, so I remembered an article I wrote for a magazine in Sweden in 1998. In the article, I tried to trace the historical development of automated business support systems, from IBP's Information Centers (late 70's) through the dreams of the perfect EIS to data warehouses and the first BI tools. You will find much of it familiar and still valid.

The article is a thousand words long, so I will not put it into this response, but send me an email and I'll transfer it to you.

Best regards
Olof Hesselmark

Posted by: Olof Hesselmark at November 27, 2006 7:33 AM