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November 14, 2006

What really is this BI2.0 stuff?

Defining the 2nd generation of anything will by definition be controversial!

James Taylor talks about some nice angles on next generation BI in his enterprise decision management blog, similarly Charles Nichols has laid out some good ideas in
a recent article in DM Review.

Both James and Charles talks about the importance of events, real time, automation, and action without intervention. I think these points are all very important - and it signifies an interesting fork in the road for thinking about business intelligence and analytics.

Certainly it will be very important and compelling to build systems that takes action on streams of events and information in real time - no question.

Now - I [and for that sake Spotfire!] wanted to align next generation thinking in BI [BI2.0!] with the great ideas coming out of the whole Web2.0 wave

"Web 2.0, a phrase coined by O'Reilly Media in 2004[1], refers to a supposed second generation of Internet-based services—such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies—that emphasize online collaboration and sharing among users." (from Wikipedia definition.)

The focus is on people, communication, collaboration, sharing - rather than events and automation. The one is not better or more important than the other, that's not the point.

But - I think the most exciting idea for the millions of people out there in corporate world [and elsewhere!] who depend on information to make complex decisions that are beyond automation and process automation - is the very idea that they can create and be creative themselves around information - just like consumers can create and be creative in Facebook and SecondLife.

Posted by Christopher Ahlberg at November 14, 2006 8:45 PM


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