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August 17, 2008

Talking Tech

I've just starting having meetings with our internal storage team to discuss how we can optimize throughput between the SAN and our Oracle data warehouse. Turns out that there are some times over the past few months where our test/UAT server has nearly saturated the fiber channels connecting that server to the SAN!

During both that conversation with the storage team and another casual one I was having with our Unix server team, I mentioned the idea that our BI/DW team is starting to have discussions with some data warehousing specialists. I'm paraphrasing, but "ugh!" was the universal response. "We don't like proprietary solutions here. We've standardized on X storage vendor and Y servers. We don't want to support that."

We're only in preliminary conversations about bringing in a specialty data warehouse solution, but I certainly want to maintain a good relationship with our server and storage teams. Any advice on how to help them see the logic and design behind specialty data warehouses?

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Posted by Paul Boal at 8:46 PM | Comments (0)