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March 10, 2009

History In the Making

A historic event occurred recently when President Obama named a Chief Information Officer, Vivek Kundra. For many of us, it seems almost impossible that it took until 2009 for the Executive Administration to assign what has become such an integral part of the strategy for a successful business. Is running the government so different from running a business? Well yes, it is in many ways. But when it comes to making smart IT decisions I think there are more similarities than differences.

Meeting the needs of many different user communities requires careful planning, governance, standard platforms and a flexible infrastructure that can support a wide and diverse set of tools.

A few years ago it was almost impossible to imagine a corporation which had data volumes that could come close to those of the federal government. That is no longer true. Today, businesses struggle to build scalable solutions that accommodate exploding data volumes, a broad range of applications and growing user communities.

The convergence of extreme data volumes and near real-time availability has brought data quality challenges to center stage.

It goes without saying that in both government and the private sector security & privacy protection are paramount.

A systems overall cost of ownership is often elusive and difficult to predict, but even an organization who can print its own money has to be concerned with TCO especially since it is the taxpayer's money they are spending.

Mr. Kundra, like most all CIOs, has a lot of challenges ahead and like the rest of us he will need to wrestle through many options and set priorities. If he is smart he will surround himself with seasoned data professionals and build a strong and diverse community.

And as they say timing is everything. I just returned from the most recent TDWI conference in Las Vegas. It was an intense week of teaching classes, meeting with BI & DW professionals and enjoy the infrequent opportunities to catch up with long time industry friends. In times like these, we find ourselves asking more questions to better understand how companies are looking to the future. So during the conference Dataupia asked conference attendees how they would set priorities for the Obama administration. Surprisingly, or hopefully not too surprisingly, data quality tops the charts. If you are interested in reading the complete survey results check them out at:

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