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February 2, 2009

Predictions for BI in 2009

It is that time of year again when we get to read industry thought leaders sharing their predictions for BI. As I read and thought about what I would predict for 2009, it became clear to me that I was not really making any predictions; but rather I was urging companies, colleagues, and friends to take clear and certain actions throughout 2009 for their companies and careers.

I will not make a prediction for what is happening with the global economy and its impact on all of us. This is a once in a lifetime magnitude event. I read the headlines and send my thoughts and prayers to all who are affected by this crisis. I also remind as many people as I can to stay positive, work through this and we will get through to better days again. As my friend Maureen Clarry reminded me this morning, negativism begets negativism and keep nudging people in a positive direction.

So my predictions for 2009 are what I believe many proactive, positive attitude, best in class companies are going to be doing this year. Take a look at the list and let me know what resonates with your own action plan for 2009.

1. The need for more information, business intelligence and better decision making will drive higher data demands with fewer resources. This is not about competition, it is about survival.

2. Companies will refocus BI projects from strategic planning towards projects that drive operational efficiencies.

3. Companies will consolidate the number of BI tools and applications used within their companies to save money and gain economies of scale.

4. Adoption of data warehouse appliances will be accelerated and will move from supporting a single application to supporting multiple applications and more users within the business.

5. Green IT will be also become a standard which BI programs must adopt as companies become strict about minimizing operating costs.

Since this blogging is more recent an activity for me, we will have to pull up this blog next year and see how we did. In the meantime, keep nudging everyone around you, work smart and we will get through this.

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