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June 8, 2009

Data Warehousing at the Web Layer

Over the years, we have seen numerous vendors fight for internal source data to provide business intelligence reporting. Vendors aggressively fight for financial, marketing, sales, click stream and customer data to deliver intelligence to the customer faster, cheaper and better than the others. Messaging to the industry of claims of vertical focus seem true, but in the end, are ways to manipulate customers. There has got to be a better approach...and yes, I came across one.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Susan Davis, VP of Marketing and Victoria Eastwood, VP of Eng. On the surface, it seemed to be another DW database startup being thrown into the fray. Columnar database, scales to 30TB , compression, commodity hardware, yawn, yawn, yawn. However, they surprised me with the sharp left turn the conversation took. Web services, SOA, MySQL front-end, great concurrency. I believe the MySQL component of the solution is very relevant for smaller scale bi/dw, but providing a DW solution at the web tier could to be very powerful. Providing analytics capabilities for a significant amount of users and/or customers might seem to costly, but Infobright might be able to deliver it. I could easily see a MySQL datamart, powered by Infobright, utilizing real-time data warehousing techniques being brought to the front lines of self service portals at a reasonable price point. I do understand there are other ways to skin the cat, however, I could easily see this type of approach also tighten up the corporate data architectures, mdm and value-added services approaches. I think the opportunity of this approach to be endless.

Maybe I'm all wet, but do others see the power of this approach as well?

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