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February 17, 2009

Yet another DW Appliance Vendor?

After listening to, reading and contributing to a significant number of DW technology and appliance product marketing presentations over the years, they all begin to sound the same. As I was listening to one last week, at times I felt like I was listening to Charlie Brown's teacher over my speaker phone. I don't want to name names, Oracle Exadata, but I'm sure there was greatness and significant business value within the presentation that I missed.

The interesting tidbit that came out of the Oracle Exadata webinar: Oracle is now sticking their toe into the DW Appliances pool. That is a significant milestone in the industry. Oracle now has a Data Warehouse Appliance or a pre-configured solution or whatever you want to call it. Oracle now has something to combat the 12 vendors that have had their guns aimed at Oracle's significant DW market share for years. But, the same marketing message as the others': MPP, shared nothing, no tuning, easily installed, fast, etc, etc, etc.

Wait a minute! The same marketing message? They can't do that! ...Hey Moe! I think they did.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of spending 5 days at Oracle's HQ learning about Exadata. This is an interesting solution that the competition will have to take note of. What makes it so interesting is the upfront parallelism through RAC and the backend parallelism installed on their storage nodes. Each storage node is an HP hybrid server (cpu, mem, and disk) and has a subset of the data and processing power to run queries local to the disk. Some might argue that the parallelism is minimal, but it seems to a be an interesting first step for Oracle. Being an ex-Thinking Machines guy, it isn't exactly what I envisioned being Oracle's first step into parallelism, but it is a significant first step into the DW appliance market.

Things are going to get interesting in the data warehousing database/appliance technology market. I can't wait for the new marketing messaging from current DW appliance and technology vendors, the new trinkets and the new color of mud that will be thrown. I'm sure there will be quite the stir at TDWI in Vegas next week which I look forward to.

Posted by Jim McManus at February 17, 2009 6:15 PM


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