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June 13, 2009

Hi All - Welcome to the CRM- BI blog

Hi Readers,

Here you could find the latest happenings in the CRM and BI world. How BI and CRM are changing the businesses? All the latest news, research, updates, alerts would be posted.

Thanks for your time. Lets Blog!

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Put Cloud Computing to Work- Structure 09

Om Malik and The GigaOM Network team are proud to announce a premiere event for Cloud Computing and Internet infrastructure ó Structure 09 ó returning on June 25th to San Francisco. Join us as we explore the future of the cloud paradigm.

With the economic challenges facing companies today, thereís never been a better time to figure out how the cloud paradigm can help you find new competitive advantages. Whether youíre in a corporation looking to learn about best infrastructure practices or an entrepreneur looking for your next venture, Structure 09 is a must-attend event that can provide you with the best ideas, contacts and thinkers. The conference schedule is now available.

When it comes to cloud computing, the noise is increasing. Structure 09 is your filter. Om has creasted a focused, single-day event programmed to make the most efficient use of your time. We donít just talk about cloud computing once a year. Itís a part of our ongoing editorial coverage on GigaOM every day. Register now!

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