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May 17, 2009

Automated Processes and Integration with Other Business Applications

Automated processes are ways to ensure that certain actions taken within business intelligence software are the first step of an "automatic process" that ends with that action having the intended consequences within the system or within another business application.

In other words, in addition to pulling and presenting information in a report, developers can set up automatic database updates from within the report. For example, developers can build reports that allow business users to update inventory levels right within their inventory reports, or cancel a product shipment if a report shows that a product is out of stock.

Developers can seamlessly integrate your BI output in any of your other business applications using Web services. For example, if a customer fills out a form on your Web site and clicks "submit," you can make sure it sends that personís contact information straight to your CRM application.

Benefits of Automated Processes
Automated processes help BI users become more efficient in the actions they take. Instead of noticing something on a report, then having to pick up the phone or open another application to take action, automated processes allow the user to act directly from within the report.

This ensures that actions occur in a timely fashion; also, it ensures consistency between the data and the numbers occurring within the BI application and those used in the rest of the company.

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