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October 19, 2007

Response to comments on my last blog

As this blogging software doesn't make it easy to respond to all your comments directly at the comment, I will do it in a new blog... so here goes:

Craig McGill writes:
"but perhaps the reason for including MDM at the start of all the articles was for search engines finding the article (and the analyst) as well as part of the SEO strategy."

My response:

Craig, only the last two blogs have been about MDM and I wrote about it because it is a topic that interests me and I had just come back from the Gartner MDM conference... wow, how cynical some of us have become. :(

Craig McGill writes:
As for the other point of understanding the landscape, that's a fair point, but any MDM company worth the title (disclaimer: I do the PR for VisionWare PLC) is going to have staff trained up to find out where you are, what you want from the MDM and what you don't want (as important as the first two in my opinion).

My response:
The issue I am writing about isn't understanding "what you want and don't want" from MDM. The challenge, especially when you move out of the CDI space and into more complex data environments like financial reference masters, counterparty data masters or just product masters for manufacturing firms, the level of complexity moves into dealing with thousands of data attributes. Furthermore, the level of comlexity of the data relationships that must be rationalized go beyond simple one to one matches and you end up dealing with complext transformations and multinested case statements that are needed to handle the merge, perge and match process.

So while I can't speak for what is going on over on your side of the pond in the UK, I can say that over here in the U.S. the companies I am seeing are really struggling with where to start... hence my recommendation.

Posted by Todd Goldman at October 19, 2007 11:15 PM


Todd, thanks for the reply. Sorry I came across as cynical, that certainly wasn't my intention (but I can see how it could be seen that way) so an apology there.

Your point around the data complexity is a fair one. As you say, many companies appear to be struggling but for many - because of cost and other issues - they can't really go for a big bang approach and start from afresh.

Posted by: Craig McGill at October 31, 2007 10:08 AM

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