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October 19, 2007

More responses to my October 12 blog

Bob writes:
Isn't MDM just another form of data consolidation? What makes it so radically different that it warrants it's own moniker?

My response:

Bob, great question. I would say the difference between a data consolidation and MDM is that in a data consolidation, you consolidate the original data sources into a single data source and eliminate the original sources. This means that you only have to deal with that consolidation once.

MDM keeps all the original sources and merges the data values according to a set of business rules that you define for survivorship. However, you don't eliminate the original data sources so as new data is added to those sources, those new values get merged, purged and matched into the master data system. The master data, sometimes also refered to as reference data is then used by downstream applications as the "golden master".

The idea of MDM is to create common master data that is used by other applications so you have consistent reference data that is used by all applications. The idea of a data consolidation is usually tied to an application consolidation where you are trying to eliminate excess or redundant applications and the result is that you also have to consolidate the data.

Posted by Todd Goldman at October 19, 2007 11:45 PM


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