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October 29, 2007

Live from TDWI Data Governance Summit

Notes from the Keynote at TDWI for 10/29

Great talk on data quality by Akady Maydanchic. The top line takeaways were:

- Data quality is not getting better it is getting worse. While there has been tremendous progress specifically in the area of customer data, all other areas of data have actually gotten worse. That is related to the next point, that speed of data movement is bad for
- Speed is antithetical to data quality. What has happened over the years is that while systems have become faster, that has left less time to fix DQ problems. When data used to get moved once a month, there was plenty of time to go back and fix data quality problems before they propagated to downstream systems. Then movement time shrunk to a week, and there was less time to fix problems but they could still get fixed. In fact, lots of DQ problems are self correcting if there is enough time for users to go back and fix their errors. But has data movement has gone real time, data is moved to downstream systems before it can be corrected and if it gets corrected in a down stream system and not an upstream system, then you end up with data inconsistency problems.
- Tools are lacking. The DQ tools are still immature and have not progressed much in the past 5 years. The tools available today are too focused on single column values. The big issue is in tracking complex business rules and data relationships between tables and between systems. The tools donít do a good job of dealing with complex rules. Tools also need to provide a better infrastructure for doing quality scorecards. There needs to be an environment that enables performing a data quality assessment then allow ongoing scorecarding to see progress

Posted by Todd Goldman at October 29, 2007 9:30 AM


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