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January 25, 2009

Exciting Times in 2009

It is an exciting time to be in the Business Intelligence industry. New technologies are being introduced all the time, some areas of the industry are converging and many small, medium and even large companies are being swallowed by even larger behemoths, e.g., SAP/Business Objects, Microsoft/DATAllegro and IBM/Cognos. At the same time newer companies are starting to make inroads into the BI market and are competing with innovative solutions, including companies such as Aster Data Systems and ParAccel. Open source BI is gaining strength and wider acceptance especially in the small and medium business arena. The total market for BI is expected to continue to grow even in the midst of an economic downturn because it is becoming an integral tool to finding and exploiting efficiencies for any firm.

As practitioners we have a chance to learn, influence and grow in an exciting industry. To learn we can read, study, try new things with new tools and expand out of our comfortable niche. We can influence by suggesting new ways to do things, trying a proof of concept on a small scale instead of just writing about it and by actively contributing to the BI community through whatever method works for you; blogging, authoring articles and/or submitting intellectual capital. Growth will be a natural outgrowth from learning and influencing but the key concept is donít sit on the sidelines and let opportunity pass you by. Grab hold of the next challenge and do not be surprised if you like the adrenaline flow. Whether you succeed or fail, you will learn and can apply those lessons the next time.

Good luck with all your challenges through 2009 and may you not only survive but thrive!

Posted by Dan Sutherland at 4:45 PM | Comments (3)