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December 24, 2007

Business Intelligence @ 2K8

Business Intelligence is gaining more attraction and got more predictions...

This is what the Industry Experts speaks about Business Intelligence @ 2K8 .

First it was Ken Rudin, CEO of LucidEra

1.SaaS BI will gain increased market acceptance
2.Innovation will be led by newer vendors.
3.There will be a shift away from tools towards prebuilt analytic applications.
4.Applications that integrate data and improve processes across transactional systems will
drive the next wave of SaaS
5.A new breed of channel partners will emerge.

Next is by Seth Grimes [analytics strategist] Predicted

1.Ever increasing attention to data quality.
2.BI integration of streaming and text-extracted data.
3.Location intelligence.
4.Collaborative analytics.
5.Advances in natural-language query and question-answering capabilities, which will all the
same remain far from mature.
6.The start of attention to data provenance, reliability, and uncertainty; for instance, see
Jennifer Widom's Trio work.

Above this the prediction from Diann Daniel of CIO Magazine

1.IT-business teamwork will be crucial.
2.Operational business intelligence will lead the way.
3.Open source and SaaS tools will become more attractive.
4.Structured and unstructured data will be needed for BI.
5.BI competency centers will increase in importance
6.The Wild Card: Effects of BI Vendor Consolidation

From of all these prediction we can see that
1.SAAS BI will get more insight in the near future
2.Open source will have more market share (I totally agree with this..)

When i came to know about unstructed data ,once I used Talend (An opensource ETL) where we can use the unstructed data [information from RSS,Wikis,comments] to built a useful information.Using Talend it is easy to extract the RSS and load into any text file or db...

So lets us wait and see what's the new innovation will rule BI @ 2K8 and how BI2.0 AND BI3.0 Will have his focus..

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Posted by Rajasekar at December 24, 2007 8:15 AM


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