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  • dq:view - Steve Tuck on Data Quality
    Steve is a data quality specialist with over 16 years of practical experience gained from working in end-user organisations, for dq software vendors and as a consultant and is recognised as a leading light in the UK and Europe.
  • 3AG Systems
    Musings from 3AG Systems (https://www.3agsystems.com/)
  • 3D Printers for Sale
    Find the best 3D printer for sale with expert reviews. See the list of the best FDM 3D printers of 2017.
  • Tyre Care St. Helens
  • ASOS Contact Number
    ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty store. ASOS sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. Find the best contact details including ASOS Complaints email and phone number with Resolver.

  • A virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space. A virtual office setup allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.

  • This blog explained to use mortgage calculators to play out scenarios affecting your mortgage payment.
  • IRS Tax Relief settlement
    Want to hire an IRS tax attorney? Our tax attorneys can help negotiate with IRS for maximum tax relief. We diminish the sum you owe and help stop irs levy, liens and wage garnishment.
  • hellobox
  • SBA Loans For Small Businesses
    The Small Business Administration(SBA) published a report that dives into the loan industry, and explains that alternative financing can provide a solution.
  • A Look Ahead at BI Developments
    Look into Neil Raden's crystal ball to see the direction BI will take over the next few years. Commentary will be based on trends, both internal and external, not on the product roadmaps of existing vendors.
  • Accessible Analytics
    Every business, large or small generates more data than it can consume. This problem is particularly acute for smaller companies. Our blog addresses common concerns, implementation questions and ROI from analytics for the low end business consumer of analytics.
  • ActiveReports Server
    ActiveReports Server provides business users with a feature-rich, Web-based, self-service reporting solution, enabling them to easily create sophisticated ad hoc reports. Its browser-based design and secure, scalable storage let IT departments deploy and manage self-service reporting much more effectively than they can with traditional reporting tools.
  • Advocates of Value: A NorthStarBI Blog
    A discussion of how BI success emerges from a non-technology focus on strategy alignment, people, process, data readiness, data presentation architecture and ongoing value realization.
  • Agile Business Intelligence
    A blog about making BI simple.
  • Agile Design and Development
    Agile Design and Development is a blog to discuss the BI aspects of user experience design and application development with a focus on Agile methodologies and best practices.
  • AuraPortal
    AuraPortal offers the first BPM software with a perfectly integrated Content Management system
  • AuraPortal
    Inauguration of the New U.S. AuraPortal Training Center in Tampa, Florida
  • AuraPortal
    The Prestigious University of Deusto Introduces the AuraPortal Learning System into its Teaching Activities The AuraPortal BPM Suite is already being used by the UTIC (Technical Unit for Innovation and Quality) for the implementation of quality processes in colleges
  • AuraPortal
    AuraPortal improves INS's Proceedings Support in Costa Rica This project involves the workflow of thousands of civil servants, more than a million clients, and millions of documents managed by complex and highly automated BPM processes
  • AuraPortal
    Core Synesis implements the new BPM technology of AuraPortal for the Brazilian corporation
  • AuraPortal
    AuraPortal to exhibit at Microsoft Convergence 2011 - AuraPortal to demonstrate their latest product release at Microsoft Convergence to be held in Atlanta, GA, April 10th – 13th -
  • AuraPortal
    AuraPortal BPMS to support handwritten data within processes through Digital Pen Integration The Digital Pen allows handwritten data to be converted into digital format and leveraged immediately in AuraPortal Business Processes Woburn (Boston), MA. – April 19, 2011 – AuraPortal (www.auraportal.com), a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), announced today the integration of Digital Pen technology within its BPM Suite. Integration has been done by its Partner Novotec Consultores. Digital Pen provides a high level of automation to some of the primary activities of BPMS processes, such as filling out forms, incident management, evaluation and registration, online orders, and quality management.
  • AuraPortal
    Health Industry Company GISPASA automates its Business Processes with AuraPortal BPM Suite AuraPortal allows Health Industry Company, GISPASA, to manage its procurement processes in which 90% of the documentation associated with the processes is automatically generated by the system
  • AuraPortal
    About Business Process Management (BPM) and its links to online commerce, document handling and all other areas of business that need to be controlled and linked
  • AuraPortal
    AuraPortal Launches the First BPM Software with a Seamlessly Integrated e-Commerce System Every company can now setup their own Internet Shopping Cart Platform, without requiring outsourced specialists, and with the full control provided by a state-of-the-art Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)
  • AuraPortal
    Carrefour Financial Services implements AuraPortal for their regulations compliance This decision was based on AuraPortal no-programming exclusive feature which led to subsequent optimizations with great savings in time and costs
  • AuraPortal Webinar with Paul Harmon
    AuraPortal (www.auraportal.com), a global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software, today announced it will be sponsoring an educational webinar on May 5th, 2011 at 10:00am EST featuring Paul Harmon, Executive Editor of BPTrends, discussing the history and development of BPMS tools to support business managers.
  • AuraPortal Wide Interaction Platform (WIP)
    The AuraPortal Wide Interaction Platform (WIP) provides an effective and easy-to-use tool to interact with customers WIP is a platform, exclusively from AuraPortal, which allows Communication and Collaboration between individual people and legal entities who are external to the organization and wish to integrate internal business processes with a public Web site on the Internet
  • B2B Customer Data Quality
    With the multitude of Enterprise applications and equally obscene number of BI/DW tools set up to mine the content for competitive advantage I am continuously baffled by the disconnected, duplicates, inaccuracies, etc. found in core data feeds.
  • B2B Marketplace - SME Blog
    focuses on the needs of Mobile Phone accessories. help hundreds to finally achieve that next vital Mobile Phone accessories. a sought-after speaker, writer and blogger on marketing topics that affect Mobile Phone accessories marketing tips for small businesses and b2b Mobile marketplaces uk
  • Ben de Ridder
    About my findings, tips and tricks using the Microsoft BI framework.
  • BI Dashboard
    All about bi dashboards
  • BI for Business People
    Where business people can find non-technical, big picture, practical information about Business Intelligence (BI), Performance Management, and Data Warehousing (DW). biforbusinesspeople.blogspot.com
  • BI-Q
    Blog mainly focusing on the technical side of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Focus is on Oracle and Business Objects, but not limited to.
  • Big Data Blog
    This blog explores innovative approaches to capturing, processing, accessing and analyzing Big Data, including unstructured, semi-structured, and structured Big Data in the enterprise and on the Internet. Special emphasis is given to the use of search technologies and search-based applications to capture value from Big Data, with comparative discussions of Search, NoSQL and SQL approaches to Big Data challenges & opportunities.
  • Bime Analytics
    We provide the latest news and industry updates in the BI, SaaS, Cloud and Web Analytics spheres. We are also thought leaders within these spheres and give our own opinions on events and the future direction of the industry. We also provide insightful and slick example dashboards made using Bime (http://bimeanalytics.com)
  • bizi Analytic Talent blog
    Interviews with leading practitioners on how to identify, assess and develop analytic talent.
  • Boegger Industrial Limited
    Manufacture:Mist eliminator filter ,Oil Mist Eliminators,Pad Mist Eliminators,Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators,Mist Eliminator
  • bruceeb
    The blog will used for brief discussion on various topics.
  • Bruno Aziza - The Culture of Performance
    Bruno Aziza, co-author of Drive Business Performance, shares thoughts on Strategy Execution, Information Management, Analytics and Social Media.
  • Business Analytics
    This blog is about business intelligence, information management, performance management, and governance, risk and control
  • Business Analytics, Information & Digital Transformation
    This blog is about business analytics and its deeply enabling role in making and evolution of Digital Enterprise, new business models and information innovation.I would also be sharing interesting news and views from time to time.
  • Business Insight
    Leaders from Pitney Bowes Business Insight share ideas, strategies and best practices that can help you locate new opportunities, connect with customers and communicate more effectively.
  • Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence Shared Knowledge
  • Business Intelligence - A Practitioner's Thoughts
    This blog is focused on providing a practitioner's view of the ideas, thoughts and advancements in the Business Intelligence and Analytics space.
  • Business Intelligence from French eyes
    My name is Philippe NIEUWBOURG. I am a French IT analyst and independent journalist specialized since 15 years in BI and Data Warehousing. I will give you here - in English but with classical French mistakes you will excuse - a vision of what is BI viewed from French speaking countries. I will certainly stay independent and sometimes critic and will try to share my vision of BI market and trends. I am always open to debate and I hope this blog will be a place where we will share ideas and create discussions.
  • Business Intelligence Journey
    Hi and welcome to my blog. Here we will discuss anything and everything about BI. I am not going to put any boundaries or constrains around my blog. I will be sharing my experience, challenges, lessons learned on regularly basis. Creating and implementing a BI solution is part art and part science. Implementing a BI project is like journey which has just begun. The journey is always very eventful and lots of lessons learned. And in this blog I will share my experience with all of you and would like to hear your experiences also.
  • Business Intelligence ReMix
    It's my space to express my business intelligence passion to the community
  • Business Intelligence Today
    Blog detailing outlining my views on the latest trends in the business intelligence software marketing
  • Business Intelligence – The Power of Human Emotion
    2011 was noted as the year that demonstrated the "power of the human emotion.” It was the year where human emotion exhibited itself through mediums that go beyond satisfaction surveys. With emergence of more sophisticated social media , advanced mobile technologies and highly user friendly computing platforms, people world over have found new mediums to express , collaborate and even bring down governments. The emergence of "human collaboration” and its associated platforms will be the most watched trends in the coming years, here are a sample pick of my favorite emerging business -technologies. http://www.nuvento.com
  • Business Intelligence, Peer-to-Peer, B2B Marketing
    See the B2B World through the eyes of Accidental Marketer. Sasha Grebenyuk has over 9 years of hands-on marketing experience in the areas of Supply Chain Management, High-Tech, SaaS-based solutions, and Supplier Evaluation Communities. Learn, discuss, argue, ask questions, submit your site for independent marketing evaluation – this what the blog is for.
  • Business Loans
    A guide for small business owners about business loans. Read our blog to take advantage of extra working capital.
  • Charles Nagel
    Business management and business intelligence advise from a CEO who has seen and done it all.
  • ChennaiBI
    This Blog is to share my knowledge on Business Intelligence.This is a Business Intelligence Mashup will have all the article on Business Intelligence.
  • Colin Davies on BI and related subjects
  • Connexica Blog
    Follow our posts to under how we can make better use out of the data that we have available to us whilst reducing costs. Our posts are strongly topical and will be focused on big data, IoT and self-service, search-based analytics within business intelligence.
  • Convert PDF to DWG
    he Best PDF to DWG Converter,DWG to PDF Converter allows you to convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, DWF to PDF directly, NO AutoCAD required, batch conversion supported.
  • Craig www.infotech21.com IT & Stuff blog
    Blogs about IT & Stuff
  • Crescent IT Solutions Online Training and Placement Services on all IT Courses
    Crescent IT Solutions is established with the motto of providing interactive learning of essential IT related business courses viz., SAP,SAS, Data warehousing, QA, .Net, Java etc to anyone, at any time and at any place and provides an easy, convenient and effective solution. Visit Us: http://www.crescentits.com (OR) Mail us @ training@crescentits.com Toll Free No: 1-800-929-0849 Skype Id: crescent_demo1 Call Us: (01) 713-589-5479/2879, 704-248-2649
  • CRM-BI Guru
    It will speak about the recent trends, news, research in the area of CRM and BI.
  • cubiczan
    Analytics in the Government contracting world
  • cxworld
    Learning about customer experience one blog at a time.
  • Dan's Data Digest
    The purpose of this blog will be to discuss data-related topics related to IT but Business Intelligence in particular.
  • Dashboards | Quickbooks | Design Dashboards
    Small Business Dashboard, Executive Dashboards, Design and Development issues with Dashboards, Review of Dashboarding tools
  • Data Computation and Data Analytics
    This blog will publish information about technology of data computation and data analytics.
  • Data Crunch
    Our goal is to help companies through analytics and ultimately let them join the ranks to the top companies in the world: from visualization, Tableau use, and longterm analytics support, our blog will surely be a helpful tool for you!
  • Data Futurama
    Commenting about the future of Data Warehousing: Trends, tendencies and possibilities at the intersection of DW, BI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Machine Learning / AI, Big Data Analytics and Statistics.
  • Data Integration Simplified
    Understand the importance of data. Data is powerful. Data drives businesses. Data supports decision making and fuels progress. But managing data—making data work for us—isn’t inherently easy. And if there is one thing that is certain, it’s change—meaning that data systems created yesterday will need to be adapted to fit ever evolving needs. Since we can’t design our databases, data warehouses, and BI systems with every possible contingency in mind, we need data integration software that is smart enough to simplify the process and allow us to build more flexible solutions that can adapt to change and can let us focus on the value of our data—and not on the complexity of managing it.
  • Data Management, Governance and Quality
    Data Governance and Data Management Todd Goldman of Exeros blogs about the growing interest around data governance, data management and data compliance. If you have interest in hearing about strategies, skills, organizational structures and technologies in support of master data management, data lineage, sensitive data discovery and data compliance projects--just to name a few--please check us out!
  • Data Restatement
    Data warehouse is growing every day, whenever there is any change or updation in source level data then the historical DWH environment also to be updated accordingly. Restatement: It’s a classical technical approach to do amendment of the existing history data over a period of time and do a recalculation based on the amended data. Reconciliation: Restating at the detailed level is tedious and complex.The volume of data for restatement and volume after the data restatement should match, and also the correctness of the data. Restatement Process: Possible Approaches are 1.Running a sql query itself directly on the database level. 2.Executing the restatement process by database level stored procedure. 3.Executing the restatement process by ETL tool. Thanks for reading.
  • Data Warehouse & OLAP
    Data Warehouse & OLAP is key to fulfilling information needs for an enterprise. Its part science and part art. This blog will provide regular tips around this subject. Most of the content here is from my knowledge portal BiPMinstitute.com.
  • DATA-Beat - A DATAllegro Blog
  • DataGoddess
    This Blog site provides feedback to the media, as well as to tool developers. Even a data goddess knows that there is ALWAYS something to learn from each other!
  • datalligence
    Analytics, Data Mining, Marketing Research, CRM
  • datapine Business Blog
    datapine gathers business intelligence insights across different industries. Articles are focused on news and advice for getting business data in shape while providing invaluable resources and industry examples. Stay tuned for the latest BI know-how by experts in the field!
  • DataSense
    What is Data Warehousing & how do I learn it? I explain to them we use all the same tools that you do but differently. That’s when I coined the term Data Sense. It describes the essence of Data Warehousing and separates Data Warehousing from rest of Programming. Every aspect of IT from Hardware / Software infrastructure to Design, Development and QA is done with massive data flows and need for data precession, accuracy and meaning. View Vijay Nadendla's LinkedIn profileView Vijay Nadendla's profile
  • datathinker
    committed to technical discussion on Big Data and Database.
  • Desktop BI and Data Computing Tools
    This blog talks about news, trends, technology of data computing and analytics.
  • Desktop BI/Business Spreadsheet Software
    This blog provides views on the value of business intelligence and the latest trends and technologies in this respect. The topics involve business computing and analytics, business intelligence, spreadsheet, self-service BI, script computing and related tools.
  • Desperately Seeking Zen
    As the years have gone by I have come to realize that my career of working in business intelligence is much more than just a job. It is a lifelong quest to understand how businesses, organizations and individuals make sense of all the data they are presented. I hope to use this forum as a way of providing thought-provoking commentary on how data affects our working and personal lives. And I hope you will take the journey with me, sharing ideas, interesting articles and real life stories from within your organizations as we desperately seek a Zen balance in our work places, in our data and in our lives.
  • Developments in BI Space - We Are Cloud
    We Are Cloud produce the SaaS BI and analytics application Bime. We started because business intelligence was mostly just too hard: too hard to use, too hard to manage, too hard to buy and too hard to get right. Bime delivers simple-to-use yet powerful BI, data visualization and dashboarding, making data analysis faster, easier and cheaper. Here we share our thoughts on market trends, customer stories and industry developments. Find out more at http://businessintelligence.me
  • Donald Farmer: Foraging in the Data Forest
    Donald Farmer, from the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services team, blogs from behind the scenes as his team work to build the leading analytics platform. Subjects covered include data mining, data quality, data integration ... you know, all that data stuff.
  • DVLA contact number
    The DVLA contact number website, is a automotive blog dedicated to our favourite QUANGO; the DVLA!
  • DW/BI Experiences
    Collection of the author's thoughts and experiences managing dw/bi projects.
  • Elif Kilic
    Data Analytics
  • End to End BI
    All about BI
    Dedicated to integration or hosting of Open source ERP, by Productivix Sarl - France Dédié à l'intégration et hébergement de PGI Opensource
  • Exploiting The "Where" in BI
    AWhere founder and CEO, John D. Corbett, provides his perspective on leveraging the location component of business analytics.
  • Financial Intellignece for your business
    How business financial intelligence can help to increase profit.
  • Financial Management Systems Blog
    The focus of this blog is going to be on two aspects: Financial applications (Oracle|Hyperion and SAP BPC) and the Finance Function. About Me: Adrian van der Merwe is founder and MD of 8th Man Consulting. He is an expert in enterprise performance management systems and has 6 years’ experience in the accounting and finance industry, and over 7 years of consulting experience. He was educated in SA at the University of the Witwatersrand, where he gained a Bachelor of Commerce in financial accounting and accounting information systems.
  • Fitzgerald Analytics
    ...the Fitzgerald Analytics space at BeyeBlogs...dedicated to extending the discussion about how analytics--together with thoughtful human processes--can be used to "make the invisible visible" and improve results. Authors include Jaime Fitzgerald, founder of Fitzgerald Analytics, together with members of the Fitzgerald Analytics team.
  • Forte Insights
    Articles on analytics and business intelligence solutions as well as their use in marketing and sales use cases.
  • HealthcareAnalytics
    Blog oriented specifically to address analytics models, designs, needs in healthcare setting. Ultimate objective is to support quality and safety improvements in healthcare with an eye towards Meaningful Use. Please support a blog environment that stimulates thinking, and hopefully helps achieve results with respect, humility, and tolerance for differing viewpoints.
  • Healthcare_Analytics
    Blog oriented specifically to address analytics models, designs, needs in healthcare setting. Ultimate objective is to support quality and safety improvements in healthcare with an eye towards Meaningful Use. Please support a blog environment that stimulates thinking, and hopefully helps achieve results with respect, humility, and tolerance for differing viewpoints.
  • Hound of the BI-skervilles
    Look past all the technological wonders of business intelligence (BI)--interactive dashboards, actionable KPIs, magically-connected data from a thousand different sources--and what do you get? A tool that should help you do business better, by increasing sales and reducing inefficiencies. This blog is about best-practices tips on how to do just taht. Business Intelligence used ruthlessly as a tool to achieve your strategic goals.
  • How do I know if my Organization needs a BI Solution?
    By Roshan Harjani For all Small Businesses that do not have a BI solution in place, this is the most haunting question that a C-level executive debate in their minds over and over again. The best way to get started is by answering the following set of questions. Once answered, you’ll know if you Org really needs a BI solution or not. How do you in your current environment: Increase customer loyalty? Increase the customers base? Analyze customer behavior to align business goals? Determine customer profitability patterns? Plan product promotions? Decide product and service bundles? Increase your market share? Be proactive than reactive? Get an edge over your competitors? The above answers will help you justify the need for a BI Initiative in your organization.
  • HP Business Intelligence Solutions
    HP's Business Intelligence Solutions blog is the home of Connected Intelligence, where we explore business intelligence topics and trends, including analytics, information governance, data warehousing, and data integration, and more.
  • HTC Desire C
    HTC Desire C - Android smartphone
  • IndianBusinessPages
    Indian Business Pages is a commercial information search service provider with accurate and authentic data of micro, SME and MNC businesses across India. The business is organized on a simple 3-tiered network that enables us to reach every corner of India. As a commercial search service provider, Indian Business Pages (IBP) aims to provide quick and authentic information to the users. In turn, we will enable the buyers to connect with the suppliers. In the course of exploring a profitable business opportunity, we will be providing the buyers and suppliers a strong negotiating power.
  • infonitive
    A comprehensive and growing collection of strategies and best practices in business intelligence and data warehousing. Infonitive’s goal is to provide key decision makers the strategic guidance to maximise the returns on their investments in business intelligence systems.
  • InsideYellowfin
    Inside Knowledge from the Yellowfin Team
  • Jay Barua
    Business Intelligence in Action. What are the current Trends in Healthcare ?
  • Jay Chinnaswamy - All About Data
    I am exicited to share and discuss about My expereince and learnings with all of you around Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Data Governance , Master Data management, Meta Data. Let's Make difference!!
  • Jim McManus
    Jim McManus is a luminary in the BI/DW industry. He has been part of multiple data warehouse appliance launches and business intelligence tool initiatives. Jim has managed and directed the BI/DW portfolios, consulting engagements, partners and go to market strategies for a Fortune 150 company. Jim has facilitated dozens of BI/DW business requirements sessions with Fortune 500 executives and driven numerous, multi-million dollar BI/DW consulting engagements. Jim has been instrumental in helping to drive strategy in the industry and has been a key spokesperson at major industry events. Jim has more than 10 years providing his leadership to a variety of technical consulting and executive management positions. Jim holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University.
  • Joey Fitts - The Social Strategist
    Joey Fitts discusses new capabilities and practices to effectively formulate, communicate and execute strategy.
  • Kenneth Hansen
    Focus on Strategic Competitive Advantage and select your advisors with care.
  • labrookie
  • Making Companies Smarter
    Using Business Intelligence tools combined with CRM solutions and data and creating new and actionable knowledge for businesses
  • mcdonalds Inc
    mcdonalds corporate office http://corporateofficehqinfo.com/mcdonalds-corporate-office/
  • mentegrafica | infovis solutions
    A blog on Information Visualization, User Experience, Mobile, and RIAs
  • Milind's Blog on BI and DW
    Blog for Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence architecture related topics.
  • Mockups, Wireframes and Dashboard prototypes
    Techniques to generate dashboard prototypes
  • Monterrey Data Warehouse and BI
    Ideas y conceptos de Data Warehouse y Business Intelligence desde Monterrey, México.
  • Musings on BI, Data Migration and Analytics
    A mix of thoughts and viewpoints on a variety of issues relating to Business Intelligence, Data Migration and Analytics, including OLAP, reporting, dashboards and Web Analytics by a Swiss-based Canadian.
  • My_manbook
  • Online Training and Placement on all SAP Modules
    Online Training in SAP provides hands-on training in all SAP technologies across the world. Our Unique training programs on SAP to kick start your career growth in SAP. We deliver comprehensive and cost effective software solutions on all SAP Technologies. For Details Visit: http://www.onlinetraininginsap.com Call Us: US: 001-713-900-7669, 001-630-974-1794 India: 091-779-985-5779 E-mail: info@onlinetraininginsap.com
  • Oracle Apps Online Trainings
    Oracle Apps Online Trainings offers Cost Effect and Industry Rich E-Learning Solutions provider on Oracle. We are a conservatively running organization with a laser sharp focus on delivering IT programs to the Students and it adds great value to your Skill Set. For Details Visit: http://www.oracleappsonlinetrainings.com Call Us: US: 001-713-900-7669, 001-630-974-1794 India: 091-779-985-5779 E-mail: info@oracleappsonlinetrainings.com
  • Peter Thomas - Business Intelligence and Cultural Transformation Expert
    Thoughts on the confluence of business, change and technology. Areas covered include business intelligence, cultural transformation, business and IT alignment, business and IT strategy, project execution and social media.
  • Project Performance Management
    Techniques, best practices and lessons learned from the world of performance management for projects
  • Rajesh On BI and DWH
    Random thoughts, opinions, biases and comments on all areas in the BI/DWH space - vision, marketplace, trends, tools, technology, domain, careers, management, implementation - the whole hog
  • rtert
  • Runjani Personal Blog
    Runjani blog is rich article about a bussines in the world
  • Sandeep Giri's Blog on Business Intelligence Adventures
    How to Manage Life While Running an Analytics Shop
  • SAP BI for the Rest of Us
    A place where SAP customers can come to get thoughts, advice, and practical types on how to best leverage the new Business Objects toolset with SAP.
  • SAP BI for the Rest of Us
    Mike Garrett, author of "Using Crystal Reports for the Rest of Us" takes a fresh look at the human side of SAP BI. His goal? To add a little Apple "flavor" to the SAP BI mix.
  • Save on cigarettes
    SaveOnCigs.com is the best place to buy cheap cigarettes online. Get genuine tax free and discount cigarettes with free express shipping for orders with two or more cartons!
  • Scorecard Street
    Take a ride around scorecard street on route to performance management place. Learn to strategically define KPIs and link them to the operational reporting and supporting tactical management tools that enable true line of sight across an organization
  • Sharpening Stones, Walking on Coals
    Business Intelligence - How business motivations, technology, and ingenuity are learning to work together to benefit businesses, customers, and communities. Syndicated from Sharpening Stones.
  • shundefurniture
    china shunde
  • SidelongGlance
    re: ETL and metadata
  • Simplified Analytics
    Business Analytics is the hottest term around, with lot of confusion even in matured organizations. This is an effort to simplify the area.
  • Simplifying Data Management, by Phil Watt
    A BCS Chartered IT Professional, I've been working with high volume enterprise data for more than 17 years, building and designing data warehouses for customers in telco, media, utilities and financial services sectors. My focus is always on pragmatic delivery - necessary and sufficient - and this blog is here to explore a variety of concepts in making data management as simple as it can be, but not simpler.
  • Smart Data
    About data computation and data analysis.
  • Stephen Dickson
    Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Consultant at Large discussing issues that you have thought about and wondered: "Why are things the way they are and how could they be better"
  • Steve Greaves
    Perspectives on Business Intelligence and Performance Management.
  • Sybase IQ
    Insight on delivering faster, more accurate answers to all your users, from all your information, on your terms.
  • TCM infosys
    Our blog discusses subjects of interest to people in the finance and business intelligence fields. We talk about current trends and help you sort through the labyrinth of jargon.
  • The Ad Hoc Reporting Resource
    All you've wanted to know about ad hoc reporting, or end-user based querying. What is ad hoc reporting for? Who does it benefit most? How co you maximize the usefulness of your ad hoc reporting software?
  • The BI blog
    Trending issues in business intelligence, analytics and performance management.
  • The BI-blog of SMADSEN
    A BLOG about Business Intelligence, -projects, -usage and implementation
  • translationservices
    Using book translation service is on the rise as it is one of the major aspects of getting a higher level of readership for a book in a different language. Read more here.
  • Travel Blog
    We will gladly advise you on the tour options in order to choose the most suitable one. We are always interested in getting you the best holiday deals, without additional costs or extra time spent for preparation.
  • TZ Test
    In this podcast, Patrick Dever, chief data strategist at Avista, describes the changing energy and utility markets and explains why data plays a key role in supporting the business. The interview is conducted by Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert for the BeyeNETWORK and executive producer for The World Transformed Fast Forward Series.
  • we.CONECT Global Leaders
    we.CONECT Global Leaders is an international B2B conference and training provider that is focused on the development and deployment of strategies, tactics and solutions to allow customers the maximum value in their daily operations.
  • Web Analytics - Business Insights for an organization
    Web Analytics - Business Insights for an organization
  • Web Design
  • Wireframes, Mockups and Prototyping
    General discussion about techniques to prototype business intelligence applications
  • www.contacthelpline.co.uk
    Looking for a Sky Phone Number? We have searched the net and listed the most popular contact number for Sky.
    have something interesting and something beautiful
  • YourNxtMove
    The YourNxtMove blog provides insight into trends and best practices in Business Intelligence (BI) for small to mid-size businesses (SMBs.) YourNxtMove is a service of NxtTeam, a BI managed services provider (MSP) whose team of consultants has more than a century of cumulative enterprise data experience.
  • YvesM's data integration blog
    Trends and facts of the data integration world

Featured Podcast

Visual Analytics: Understanding the Impact of Image-Based Media for Digital Marketing

In this podcast, Bill Rand, Associate Professor at the Poole College of Management at NC State, and Gijs Overgoor, visiting scholar from the University of Amsterdam at Poole College, discuss the role of images in advertising. They explain how visual analytics can analyze images to understand their effectiveness. The interview is conducted by Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert for the BeyeNetwork and executive producer for The World Transformed Fast Forward Series. To listen to this podcast, click here.

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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