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December 8, 2009

PPS 2007: Add link to detail report to KPI in scorecard

When you look at a Scorecard and maybe see something red, mostly you want to know which fact cause this color.

We already use conditional showing analytical grids and charts by clicking the KPI name (if you want to know how it works let me know). But for each KPI we also have a beautiful RS report.

Of course this report could be integrated in the dashboard, but because it's an extranet and so we don't have Kerberos, the redirection to the RS server that occurs stops us from doing that.

I found another way:
1. add a custom property to the KPI's of the type Hyperlink
2. enter the URL to the specific report
3. publish and you'll see the links which you can click to see the appropriate report

We can not (yet) add the params of the dashboard to apply to the report. If anyone knows a trick for that let me know.

Since we also have the same set of reports in different sites I also created 2 web parts. One for setting the base URL for the report sub site per department site and one for doing a redirect using a post param in the URL. If there is any interest about this, let me know, I will consider describing this too.

Posted by Ben de Ridder at December 8, 2009 5:30 PM


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