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April 25, 2008

Wow, almost a year

Just an update on where I am with my pursuit of the Metadata Grail.

My company still has not implemented the Metadata Manager tool from Informatica. The folks working on that aspect have 1 more week to get this accomplished before they will have to drop it to work on other tasks. We are currently holding up our upgrade to Informatica 8.5 in order to give the installer time to work out issues with Metadata Manager, but there are bug fixes that we sorely need in the upgrade that we are not able to wait for any longer.

As far as I know, the MM tool is installed, and works, but not for everything we wanted it to do. We have successfully imported data from PowerDesigner models (the Sybase data modeling tool), and ran the X-Connects for the Informatica repository; but we have been unsuccessful with the Business Objects X-Connect, and the Informatica X-Connect runs very slowly (on the order of 16 to 24 hours).

Our co-workers are eager to make use of the metadata and have plans to centralize our development as much as possible in the modeling tool. There are 2 teams working on using data from PowerDesigner to feed designs to Business Objects to use in creating Universes.

Anyone else out there doing these things?

Posted by RDM at April 25, 2008 2:45 PM


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