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November 17, 2006

Data Modeler's Workbench

This is Steve Hoberman's book. I met Steve at the same conference I met Dave Hay at, in February this year. Steve was very practically minded; and a great counterpoint to Dave Hay's abstractness. My partner and I used the Meta Data Bingo idea to great success. "Ensuring High-Quality Definitions" was quite helpful as well. I heartily recommend this book to anyone working on a Meta Data repository.

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November 16, 2006

Data Model Patterns, A Metadata Map

This is Dave Hay's new book. Its an application of Information Technology techniques to the business of Information Technology. I was able to hear about the book from Mr. Hay at a seminar in February before the book came out; and his presentations were so compelling that I had to have it. The book was definitely worth the wait.

Its organized along the lines of the Zachman Architecture Framework, with a few tunings of his own; and goes along building data models; the first one is a data model of a data model (hmm, maybe thats why Aristotle is on the cover).

It sounds esoteric, but I found it invaluable in refining my own metamodel and catching some nuances I had missed.

For a flavor of what the book is like, check out Mr. Hay's articles in TDAN, especially the one about Modeling Baseball Cards.

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November 13, 2006


Hi Y'all,

Sorry its been such a long time since posting; here's the catch-up.

Things are still moving along on the Metadata front; we now have SuperGlue from Informatica; and in between deliverables on other projects I try to get it running.

Its been installed twice; the first time I had it to the point where I had a couple Xconnects defined and running, although not on a scheduled basis. The Xconnects are the canned set of mapping that ship with SuperGlue and import the data from various sources; the most important of which is the Informatica Repository itself.

Unfortunately, not long after, we lost a disk in the array where our databases were kept; and the DBA's decided not to recover the SuperGlue repository.

So I started from scratch.

I am now to the point where its time to start defining the sources and then configure the Xconnects again; but other projects are eating up my time again.

On the Ab Initio front; one of my co-workers went to a seminar recently on Ab Initio; and also spoke to a manager in another part of our company who is receptive to the idea of sharing his instance with us.

We will see which avenue bears the most fruit.

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