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October 24, 2010

New classes of BI tools

have been starting to really look at alternatives to the traditional BI tools. The one that most enterprise IT departments roll out to support massive amounts of data and users like Cognos, MicroStrategy, Business Objects cost plenty and take months and sometimes years to design build and implement a system. I wanted to see what was out in the market that could meet a few modest goals:

Total cost of ownership had to be much less than the enterprise products
Far easier to development and build out
Have something usable in less time
Make the user in control
I started to find out what tools are out in the market.. There are more then I suspected. After some time compiling a list I could see that they started to divide out for me into two groups; 1) Open source tools that were more like traditional tools, but at less cost (and perhaps with a lot less features), 2) data visualization products.


Posted by Rick Davey at 3:30 PM | Comments (9511)