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Law Suit by Cary A. Jardin against DATAllegro and Stuart O. Frost

As some of you will have seen, a law suit was filed yesterday against DATAllegro and me (at least I think it's me, but I don't actually have a middle initial!).

After analyzing the claims, we feel strongly that they're completely without merit and intend to vigorously defend our position. Given the prior art in this area, we're also considering asking the Patent Office to re-examine Jardin's patent.

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Bob Ott:

Is this a nuisance lawsuit given your good fortune with the Microsoft acquisition?
Does this development put the deal in jeopardy?

Stuart Frost:


I think you can come to your own conclusions on the timing of the lawsuit.

As for the deal, we're still progressing as before.


Bob Houghton:

Congratulations on a very powerful appliance and your personal success at realizing your vision through to acquisition by Microsoft. IT is YOUR vision and Cary is out of bounds.

Look forward to the future

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