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November 25, 2008

Business Intelligence and 2008

As we get close to the end of 2008 I can’t help but to reflect back at all the things that have happen during the year. We have just witnessed the worst plunge in the financial market. Wall Street has experienced major shocks; big giants like Bear Sterns, New Century Financial, Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual to name few, which were the strong pillars of the financial industry have just vanished. Countries have gone bankrupt, Iceland. Real estate boom has also busted. Just to name few.

Well 2008 has many grim stories but we shouldn’t forget some of the glass ceilings that have been broken this year: 1st time for a woman to run for President, 1st time for an African-American person to get elected as a president. These top all the lists and are not only talk of the country but the world.

One must be wondering how does all of this relate to BI? BI market has also experienced some major changes in the past couple of years. BI is being looked at as a necessary tool for an organization rather than an optional or good to have. BI tools are part of the major ERP systems. I have been waiting for this to happen for quite some time. It makes logical sense to club them together as ERP systems are some of the major data sources. Will this bring up additional challenges in future? Challenges in using these tools over different data sources and systems? Will the ERP giants try to lock the BI tools to their own system? We can all have our views but only time tell.

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