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April 11, 2011

B2B Marketplace

With the advent of globalization, it has become necessary for corporate Features Of B2B Marketplace firms to have an online presence. With the birth of B2B e-commerce, there has been an unprecedented increase in the international trade through business directories and business portals. These B2B directories act as an open platform & open a gateway for buyers and sellers to interact with each other freely. The companies can get listed on B2B marketplace portals and promote their business and the products and services they offer effectively. Besides, this form of net marketing is proving as an effectual tool for branding ones image and giving wider exposure to the offerings.

B2B marketplace has hailed as a powerful business tool where one can easily browse through a plethora of suppliers, wholesalers, exporters, importers, etc. Besides, the systematic categorization of the corporate firms on the basis of industry adds to the major advantage, which further eases the task of browsing for buyers and sellers.

Features of B2B Marketplace Portals:

* Registration of buyers/suppliers.
* Products or services are offered by Suppliers.
* Additional details are given by the suppliers for allowing buyers to select prospective suppliers.
* Additional checks are provided by the portal for ensuring qualification of its suppliers: research, credit and references.
* A proper mechanism is provided by the portal which eases search for suppliers.
* Secret or hidden form of offers or bids can be included.
* On behalf of the buyers, the B2B directory india hold deposits until and unless the seller meets the delivery.
* Contractual elements of transactions can be supported and audit trail for purchase as well as invoicing can be included.
* Demand from multiple buyers can be aggregated.
* Long lasting or short term relationships can be formed.
* Fees can be charged from buyers and suppliers or little percent of contract can be negotiated.
* An independent marketplace can be created.

So, after reading the write-up, you must have got a clearer idea about the features and functioning of an online B2B marketplace portal.Global B2B portal for searching manufacturers, suppliers and buyers
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B2B directory and its Benefits

he purpose of all such B2B directory is to promote one's business. Some of the different kinds of B2B directories are insurance directory, finance directory, banking directory, advertising and marketing directory and corporate business directory. The business to business directory is the ultimate guide for any type of business. Irrespective of the type of industry one is, the business to business directory has always been very helpful. People in the financing, banking, advertising, insurance or any other sector can be found in this kind of business to business directory.

Some B2B directories help online marketers to build back links.
B2B directories offer sufficient options for website promotion. Search Engine Optimization is used for the promotion of the websites enlisted in the business to business directory. There are several types of business to business directories on the internet.

The first thing that has to be done is creating a website. The website will represent your business online. The website should be used to convey the message of the business owner to the potential customers. It is important to think about the needs of a specific business prior to enlisting it in the business to business directory. B2B directories have not just proved to be useful for online businesses, but also for offline ones. The business owner should be honest in informing the customers about his services and products. Most people use their websites to give detailed information about their services as well as for capturing leads. Promotion of the brand is easily done through the website.

One should always enlist themselves in the largest business to business directory to get maximum visibility. Such directories have very high rankings in search engines as well. There is a huge difference in revenue generation if the directory is listed in the second page of the search engine instead of the first. The value brought to a company because of the business to business directory is acknowledged by one and all. Online marketing gives a different dimension to business networking online. B2B directories have also made it an easier task for customers to look for specific services.

However, the suppliers directory gives a chance to both small and big sized businesses to be enlisted. The B2B directory has a provision for small or new businesses that do not have websites yet. In such a situation, one can still promote the business by providing a brief description of the services and the contact information. One can still get responses from such descriptions, but the response can be maximized with a website. Hence, a website is highly recommended for being enlisted in a business to business directory. The concept of B2B directory is not very old. This is an online version of the yellow pages. The internet has allowed improvisation of the yellow pages format. The business to business directory has a larger database and gives more detailed information about each company.
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